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3 years ago

Zephyr Squad integration with Robot Framework in GitLab

Hey everyone,


I'm currently working on a project which requires test reporting from CI/CD test runs. In my organization we currently utilize Jira with Zephyr Squad for Task / Issue / Test Management management. For Test Automation I am using Robot Framework (a project set up in GitLab with RF Tests that are executed on a separate Docker image project). I'm trying to integrate the Robot Framework reports with current Zephyr Squad solutions and I'm thinking on how to approach this topic. I've tried manual uploads of generated XUnit reports and they work fine however I've got some issues with the results (separate *.txt log files with limited error messages from XUnit file, in order to view them I need to download the txt files and open them locally).

In GitLab right now it works that way: a pipeline job creates artifacts that include Robot Framework reports containing results for Test Cases that have corresponding Zephyr Tests in Jira. These results should be sent to a specific Test Cycle (if it's possible either created automatically from Gitlab or in Jira) with added Test Cases . My question is, are there any examples with sending RF reports (created as artifacts in a pipeline job) from GitLab to Jira? I think best way would be to incorporate either REST API or CI/CD PostScript. I would also like to add other Robot Framework report files (including screenshots) as attachments to Zephyr Test Executions in Jira.

I would be very grateful for any sort of help.

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