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5 years ago
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Allow a way to gave Group and Template specified with GIT integration

I have a team working on Gitlab integration with Colalborator. When merge requests are made on the GIT side, a Collaborator review is automatically created. Unfortunately, the Group and Templateis selected somewhat randomly.    According to customer service they are "The last Group and Templated that the merge author happened to use".  Often this is the wrong choice.  WHen we change them by hand we then lose all the other auto filled data in the review.


Give how well the GIT / Collaborator integration is set up, it would be nice to have a way to specify Group and Template to use for the review. 


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    This is what our team needs as well.  We use groups to segregate users for security (we cannot allow project materials to be seen by members outside the group).  Without the ability to control what group a review is created under, this integration loses most of its value to us.

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    This feature is partially implemented in the latest Collaborator version 13.7, that was release on the last Friday, 9 Jul. It's possible to set default review Template for each remote system integration (but we don't have similar improvement for Groups in our backlog for nearest future).