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8 years ago
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Allow option to shut off bracket and quotation mark automatic insertion of closing pair

Personally, I hate the new feature in 12.30 "Smarter auto-formatting. When you type a bracket or a quotation mark, the Editor now automatically inserts the corresponding closing bracket or quotation mark."


Please see community post for more details: https://community.smartbear.com/t5/TestComplete-General-Discussions/TestComplete-editor-turn-off-insert-pair-aka-automatically-close/m-p/141131


I would love to have an option to shut this off.


  • Absolutely should be an option.  Great when writing new code, but a PITA when editing.

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    The auto insert close brackets caused TestComplete to crash while editing a previously written VBScript expression that was split over several lines.

    Please allow us to turn off this new feature.