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Excel report using power bi

I work with a sizable real-time data set, and I utilise Power BI's dashboard to do certain analysis that I use every day to make choices, however the customer requires the monthly report summary in Excel. How do I link the Excel report form that I need to deliver the client with the Power Bi Course? The Excel report includes succinct charts and tables.

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  • In the Excel file generated from Power BI, create the summary report that includes the succinct charts and tables required by your customer.

    Once the Excel file is linked, you can add elements from the Excel report into your Power BI dashboard.

    Automate the delivery of the updated Excel report to the client on a monthly basis using Power BI's export or sharing functionalities.

    Hope it's clear your issue. 

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    To create an Excel report from your Power BI dashboard:

    Open your Power BI dashboard.
    Navigate to the specific visualizations or tables you want in the Excel report.
    Click on the ellipsis (...) in the top-right corner of each visualization or table and select "Export data" to export data to Excel.
    Arrange the exported data in Excel and create charts as needed.
    Save the Excel file.
    For a more automated solution, you can use Power BI's "Analyze in Excel" feature:

    In Power BI, go to the Home tab, click "Analyse in Excel," and select "PivotTable" or "PivotChart."
    Create the desired Excel report in the new webteknohaber minecraft.
    Save the Excel file and share it with your client.
    Remember, ensure your client has access to the Power BI service or use the Power BI Embedded feature if sharing interactive dashboards is necessary.




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