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13 years ago

Auto Generating Defects

Is there a way to stop fields being copied from failed test cases to defects? 

Currently when I generate a defect automatically from the test case, the status field is populated with a value that does not exist in the defect status list. I can't work out how to stop this from happening. 

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  • Hi Caroline,

    Are you using Test Cases or the Test Management feature?

    You might check in Setup and see if there is a default Status for Defects that is no longer valid:

    Setup / System Configuration / Screen Layouts / Defects - look for the Default Values tab

    If that's not the issue, maybe let our support team know what value is being auto-filled so they can track it down.

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    Thanks for the reply. 

    There are no defect default statuses apart from the one on creation which is a different value.

    I'll raise a support request.