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12 years ago

Unable to Import Requirements!!




We have started from scratch and with no data. We then tried to import the csv files of requirements into QA Complete but it doesnt work. It says 29 records imported successfully but we are not able to see them under any TAB in requirements. Entire process works fine but requirements go on missing after sucessful import.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Create CSV file with fields Group, Sub-Group, Desc, Status, Title 2. Goto Requirements-> Show Requirements->Req.FOLDER 3. Select Actions TAB and then choose to "Import Requirement from CSV file" 4. Select CSV file when prompted 5. Enter relevant field names 6. Click on Import now. Import message displayed as successful but then requirements are not visible anywhere. They are available for deletion from SETUP section.

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    Do you have a Folder column in your CSV file?  That is a must.  Try creating a filter in ALMComplete in Requirements with Field = "Folder Name", Condition = "Exactly Matches = " and leave Value blank.  This will display all the requirements at the root level and my guess is that that is where your requirements are.