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9 years ago

How to handle non standard windows with regards to object mapping

I am having trouble mapping objects in a Desktop application that doesn't utilize standard windows format. So essentially when trying to map say a menu item, it gives me screen coordinates instead of the actual object name of say |File.

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    > application is most likely written in C++. [...] I know I can't build or recompile the tool.

    It looks like your application does not have associated debug info which is required for C++ applications in order TestComplete can access their internals. Without debug info TestComplete can see and control only application onjects that are exposed by OS (similar content that can be seen, for example, with the Spy++ tool).

    If it is possible to recompile the application refer to the help section.

    If there is no chance to compile your application as open to TestComplete, than the only options are either coordinate-based clicks (combined with 'blind' typing) or you may try image search, but both methods are pretty unreliable.

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  • You can add menu action manually.

    Here are the steps:- 

    1. Drag and drop Menu Action operation from Operations-> Test Actions.

    2. Select preferred Menu Type

    3. Select an obect (or Map your object)

    4. Select method or proerty as Click

    5. Specify item to be clicked in Operation Parameters (as File|New|NewItem).


    Does this help?

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      Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, this seems similar to several of the steps I've tried before. For some reason, when I try to map certain objects, it can only identify the window that is is contained within. I am not sure if my issues makes any sense. So when I tried to highlight or select the specific item using Select Object options via Menu Action, all it seems to identify is the window contains the item I am interested in mapping. Maybe I am not doing it correctly...

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        What is the application written in?


        And what is the single top level object you're getting back when you try and map from it?


        There are various things you can try. Some are TestComplete settings/options. Some are build/compile options for the application itself.


        But need more info about what it is if you're going to get anything useful in the way of responses ....