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12 years ago

TLabel.Caption Property Checkpoint - "Type Mismatch" Error

Hi i need help.

I make functional test in TC8 for our new aplication programmed in Delphi, but i have problem with all property checkpoints where i checked text of labels - TLabel.Caption. This TLabel object are correct recognized and namemapped (ClassName: TLabel, NativeDElphiObject.Name: lbCelkem) during recording and test run (can be highlighted). This labels property .Caption (WideString) contains numbers, like "33 235". 

All looks fine BUT if i run test i get EXCEPTION Error - "Type mismatch" 

I try save Caption to variable of string and integer type but nothing is saved.


P.S: If i use same test on previous version of our app all is OK - property is checked and variable saved. Change from previous app version is use of TMSS components where now are labels on AdvOfficePager groupbox:

In Delphi source code is: Process->frmDialog->AdvOfficePager->AdvOfficePage->Lables.


In TC8 in Object Browser is: Process-frmDialog->Labels and Process->frmDialog->AdvOfficePager->AdvOfficePage.

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    Hi Bronislav,


    Try debugging your test. What is the value of the TLabel.Caption property before comparing it with the stored value?