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2 years ago

Video recording of Text Execution

Hello to everyone! I installed the VideoRecorder Extension and the last version of VLC Media Player. When I try to record a test execution in the log tab the following sentence appears: "Unable to start video recording. The VLC recorder is not installed." Why does this message appear? I uninstalled and installed again VLC but it continues to appear. How could I solve this problem? 

Thanks in advance to everyone

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  • Hey there! It sounds like you're having an issue with the VideoRecorder Extension and VLC Media Player while trying to record a test execution. The error message "Unable to start video recording. The VLC recorder is not installed" might be indicating that there's a problem with the integration between the extension and VLC.

    Here are a few steps you could try to troubleshoot this problem:

    Check VLC Installation: Make sure you have installed VLC correctly and that the version you have is compatible with the VideoRecorder Extension. Sometimes, specific versions might be required for proper integration.

    Extension Configuration: Double-check the configuration settings within the VideoRecorder Extension. Ensure that it's pointing to the correct VLC installation directory and that all necessary options are correctly set.

    Extension Updates: Ensure that you have the latest version of the VideoRecorder Extension installed. Sometimes, updates are released to fix bugs and improve compatibility.

    Permissions: Verify that the extension has the necessary permissions to access and interact with VLC and the recording process is download capcut mod apk 2023 Sometimes, security settings can interfere with the communication between applications.

    Community Resources: If the issue persists, consider reaching out to the support or user community for the VideoRecorder Extension. Others might have faced similar issues and could offer insights or solutions.


    Regarding your mention of "capcut," it seems like you're suggesting an alternative solution for video editing. If you believe that capcut might be a better fit for your needs, feel free to provide more information about it. However, since you've mentioned wanting to write in English, make sure to elaborate on how capcut could potentially address the original issue with the VideoRecorder Extension and VLC.


    Hope these suggestions help you get closer to solving the problem. If you're still facing difficulties, don't hesitate to ask for more assistance!

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      I followed the instructions that you gave me. In one pc it works correctly while in other it dows not. The recording started but at the end of the test the video file is not created and the following message appears "Your test failed to start the video recorder or output file path is incorrect." Stating that the video recording starts how could I correct the output path?

      Thanks in advance

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    I suggest you look at the two PC's and try to figure out the differences between the two. Look at folder location, paths, executable file and permissions.

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      I looked and I found the problem. Now everything is ok, thank you very much