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3 years ago

REST API PUT Test Case failing with 500 Internal Error

Since the new version went in on the 6th of April we have been having 500 Internal Server errors when we try to use the PUT testcases/ endpoint I raised a support ticket but not heard back.

I am a bit at a loss on what else I can do example failing test case

{ "id": 20345684, "name": "AccountIdentifier.feature - Get the account status BLOCKED of iban GB31MODL04007501007300", "key": "PL-T44947", "project": { "id": 40067 }, "createdOn": "2021-10-04T04:35:21Z", "priority": { "id": 700234 }, "status": { "id": 700232 }, "labels": [ "AccountIdentifier.feature" ], "customFields": { "teams": [ "plutonium" ], "services": [ "account_identifier_service" ], "testSuiteName": null } }

Also tried deleting the test case but same issue happened.